Tamnavulin White Wine Cask Edition

Tamnavulin White Wine Cask Edition


We've reviewed a Tamnavulin wine edition before, with the Tamnavulin Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) Cask Finish. And we remember for the price, it was actually pretty decent.
So, when we spotted this Tamnavulin White Wine cask edition in our local Tesco, for around £30, we knew we had to try it! 

On the Nose

This whisky immediately throws the familiar green apple notes to start, with some ripe banana. Interestingly, a peach note hits (although subtle), with freshly cut lemon, green grass, and a vanilla coconut cream. A fruity smell from a hopefully fruity whisky...

On the palate

The fresh fruit has gone. The lemon is there, with some grapefruit. The apple is still there, but this time it isn't fresh, more baked. Even with the addition of some cinnamon spice, like apple pie. It finishes up with ginger biscuits, which I wasn't against. 


I have to say, although I wouldn't rave about Tamnavulin, or recommend it to a friend to rush out and buy, it's surprisingly complex and tasty for a ~£30 single malt scotch! Often on offer in Tesco for even less (at about £26), it's a solid pick for the price conscious among us. 

Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try the Tamnavulin White Wine Cask for yourself? It's actually quite hard to find! If you live in the UK, you can have a look in your local Tesco, or online at Tesco.com
We struggled to find it in any of the usual whisky sites, sorry!
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