Tamnavulin Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) Cask Finish

Tamnavulin Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) Cask Finish


I saw this bottle at a local Tesco (UK supermarket) for a very reasonable price of £22 (€26, $30). I couldn’t say no!

An interesting non-age statement Tamnavulin, which has first been maturated in the usual ex-bourbon American oak casks, but thereafter finished in French Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine casks. I expect the wine has given this dram fruity notes and sweetness… let's find out!


On the Nose

Straight away the nose is fruity, with a lovely sweet apple, some pears, with woody cinnamon spice, and in the background some toasted almonds. There is definitely a slight ethanol smell, which in my limited experience meaning the whisky is relatively young. I’ve been drinking a fair few older whiskies of late, so I’m not sure if this was just down to me personally finding that note more prominent. With the non-age statement, it’s hard to tell.

A very, very slight ginger note in the background, but you have to go searching for it.

On the palate

Lovely sweetness, and smooth mouthfeel. the fruitiness continues on the taste of this whisky. As you’d expect there’s grape, apple peel, and a slightly drying finish. Almost brittle toffee sweetness and even bitter dark chocolate making an appearance after the dram has sat in the glass for a small while.


Overall, this was a very enjoyable whisky, and for the price (which, let me remind you, was the same price as a decent blended malt…) you can’t go wrong. If I run out of this dram, I reckon it’ll be restocked very quickly.
An easy sipper, but one that gives more bang than its buck would suggest. A fruit bomb for those on a budget.
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