About us

Alan, the founder, wasn't a "whisky person". 'They all tasted the same'.

But, after attending a Scotch Malt Whisky Society tasting event with his brother and father in Edinburgh, the world of whisky opened up in front of him!

​The first whisky was familiar to others he'd tried. Nothing special, although there were some interesting flavours in the cask strength liquid. The next, however, was completely different... and the third, well, it was called "Biting a fireman's glove", so you can imagine how that one tasted!

Interest was peaked... not before realising the depth of smells and flavours possible in such a seemingly simple liquid. After several years of tasting whisky and taking notes about what he was smelling and tasting (as the SMWS host had suggested), he needed a place to keep all his notes. So, here we are! Welcome to the website where those very notes will be shared!

Alan's wife Claire is also a lover of a good dram, and will post her own tasting notes as and when she tries new things.

There's only one rule in the clan (which is ironic to call it a rule)... "Whisky, without rules". That's it. Drink it how you like it. Don't criticise others for how they enjoy their whisky. Just enjoy the amber nectar, and share your experiences with others.

Any whisky lover, no matter how they drink it, is part of the clan!