Jura Seven Wood

Jura Seven Wood


This is a non-age statement, but the name of the release gives away what makes this Jura interesting... the use of seven wood casks during maturation (or finishing, it's not clear which).
A mixture of whisky with influence from American white oak, and six French oaks, namely Limousin, Tronçais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles, and Les Bertranges... listed just for the carpenters, coopers and lumberjacks amongst us.

On the Nose

Light smoke, with a delicious peach sweetness. Almost reminds me of jam on toast (the sweetness and the smoke). There are raisins and cinnamon in here too.

On the palate

The dram is slightly bitter for me, aniseed and leather are the descriptors I'd use. But don't let that put you off, it's a very smooth and easy-drinking whisky with a slight sweetness of dried apricot, but not as sweet as the nose suggests.


Overall, it didn't blow me away. I wasn't exploring the flavours for long and didn't find myself feeling especially excited about the next sip. In saying that, it was still a decent dram, and I wouldn't hesitate to order it at a bar if I saw it sitting on the shelf. Definitely, one to try!

Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try Jura Seven Wood for yourself? You can pick up a bottle online at any of the following retailers:
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