Arran 10 Years Old

Arran 10 Years Old


The Arran 10 is a firm favourite in the whisky world. In fact, it was Ralfy’s 2021 Whisky of the Year (if you don't know who Ralfy is, you need a youtube binge!


The nose is really quite inviting. It's initially a sweet honey, with some comforting toasted oats, freshly baked apple crumble, and freshness in the form of a grassy herbal note. 


Sweet pear drops from a proper old sweetie shop! Vanilla cream and honey also add some sweetness, with an acidic citrus cutting through (but not enough to decide if it's lemon or otherwise). Quite a spicy lingering towards the end, like you've had a ginger shot!


A very pleasant dram! If you were to have this as a regular sipper, you wouldn't go far wrong. For the price (under £40), it's a solid dram for enjoying when you want something unfussy but tasty all the same!

Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try Arran 10 Years Old for yourself? You can pick up a bottle online at any of the following retailers:
We received this whisky as part of our Pour and Sip subscription! It's a great way to try new whisky, without having to splash out on a full bottle. Interested? You can find out more by visiting the Pour and Sip website.
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