Innis and Gunn: Islay Whisky Cask Release (Laphroaig Cask Matured)

Innis and Gunn: Islay Whisky Cask Release (Laphroaig Cask Matured)


Innis & Gunn are well known for their popular cask finished ales... and the Islay Whisky Cask release is another excellent expression from the brewery.


The Islay Whisky Cask Release is a 7.4% amber Scottish ale, which has been slowly matured in ex-Laphroaig 10-year-old single malt scotch whisky casks. The 10 year old is Laphroaig’s signature expression, and is known for its unique and unmistakable nose and taste.


To make this release, the ale remains in a cask for 12-weeks of maturation, during which time the beer has the opportunity to extract some complex flavours from deep within the whisky cask.

 Each bottle was presented in a gift-box, created in collaboration with renowned Scottish artist Hope Blamire, who was specially commissioned to create an artwork which evoked the atmosphere of Islay.

On the Nose

Lets just get this out the way... yes, it smells like Laphroaig. Undeniably so. And the peat is strong on the nose, as you'd expect.

Being a drinker of Innis and Gunn anyway, it was easy for me to pick out their usual rich roasted malt note which is familiar from their "The Original" and "Blood Red Sky" barrel aged beers. But as with any beverage with the "Laphroaig" name on the front, the BBQ / Bonfire smoke from the peat is the main (almost overpowering) note. Not a beer for those who don't like peated whisky, I think it would be fair to say!

On the palate

Well, what an interesting tasting beer! Not like anything I've had before. Imagine sitting on a freezing cold Scottish beach, with a bonfire lit for some heat nearby. And now imagine drinking some of the Innis and Gunn "The Original" beer, and immediately then taking a warming swig of Laphroaig 10... if you can picture that, you won't be a million miles away from imagining the taste.


Rich smokey bbq pork, brine, malty richness with an undeniably long aftertaste of peat smoke!



This isn't for everyone. Even if you are a Laphroaig lover, this beer might be a bit too rich for you. But if, like me, you enjoy tasting peated single malts, and also enjoy barrel aged ale, this will be right up your street!


This was a limited edition release, and at time of writing, the Islay Whisky Cask Release from Innis and Gunn is SOLD OUT.

For those of you who were lucky enough to bag a bottle or two, savour it. This is a cracking release from Innis and Gunn and one I thoroughly enjoyed.


Want to try it for yourself?

Oooh. Sorry. As I said above, not trying to rub it in, but on this occasion, it's sold out.

You can keep checking HERE in the hope it comes back into stock, but I'm not sure it ever will.


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