Westward American Single Malt

Westward American Single Malt


This single malt from Westward is made with locally grown and malted barley, fermented with ale yeast, and matured in lightly-charred virgin American white oak casks. Made in Oregon, where the hot dry summers, and cool wet winters, make this whisky an interesting experiment of environmental impact!


On the Nose

Immediately hit by a distinctive strong smell of fresh apple juice! A very fruity nose, with coconut cream, maybe even banana, golden syrup and roasted nuts. An inviting and sweet nose.

On the palate

Quite a spicy start, (didn't get as much spice on the nose, so it was a bit of a shock), the spice mostly from the oak, but turning sweeter with dark brown sugar, maybe some poached pear, and even spiced apple. The finish is medium, and very much a continuation of the spice to sweet journey.


Not as smooth as a lowland scotch, not as sweet as a Speyside scotch, but somewhere in between. Interesting how much fruit is on both the nose and palate of this whisky. Very enjoyable and I definitely want to try more whisky from Westward!

Want to try it for yourself?

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