Teeling Brabazon Bottling Series 3


The third release in Teeling's Brabazon Series, a 14 year old Irish single malt whiskey finished in Pedro Ximénez casks.


On the Nose

Brandy... having recently finished a bottle of "Carlos I Solera Gran" brandy, I was weirdly reminded of that in this whisky. Sherried raisins, chocolate, vanilla and diced almonds were predominant for me, with some very subtle dried cigar tobacco.


On the palate

Give the various notes I picked up in the nose, the taste was weirdly muted for me. I got more of a grassy or earthy taste, and the notes I had found in the nose were hidden away. I have to say, I preferred the nose to the taste.


Scorched earthy notes lingered, with tar and tobacco still ever present.


With water?

Wow. Don't do it. Adding water switched the dial up on this whisky to being overly harsh. The finish became extremely long and overpowering with a spicy chilli heat on the tongue and throat.



Overall, I didn't enjoy this whisky. Not to say others won't (I'm sure some will love it!), but for my personal palate and preferences, it just didn't hit any of the pleasure points for me.


Would I buy again?

Unfortunately not, no. It was great to try it, but this one just was not for me.


Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try Teeling Brabazon Bottling Series 3 for yourself? You can pick up a bottle HERE.

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