Paul John Edited

Paul John Edited


An Indian single malt, made using lightly peated barley from Scotland and Indian barley (15% of the peated spirit), with maturation taking place in bourbon casks.


On the Nose

Honey notes and malty biscuits. Lemon and the peat comes though as bonfire smoke, but not over powering (this isn’t an Islay scotch, that’s for sure!)

On the palate

Honey and dark Demerara sugar, with a lasting spice and wood notes (very slight vanilla). The smokiness is there, but again not dominating.


This whisky didn’t blow me away, it was a nice gentle exploration of a peated whisky, but it lacked the intrigue of a scotch, and I had to really search for the flavours. I enjoyed what I had, but I’m not rushing to buy a bottle.

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