Mackmyra Grönt Te


Sweden has no deep routed tradition of making whisky. Still doesn't. But that didn't stop the opening of a distillery in 1999, known as Mackmyra.


This distillery hasn't been shy in trying new things, and in 2011, they opened the world’s most climate-smart whisky distillery, the Mackmyra Gravity Distillery – a 35 meter high building where the manufacturing process is carried out using gravity.


With the whisky itself, Swedish distillery has been producing some really unusual and risky bottlings, and the Grönt Te is no exception. A blend of oloroso sherry and the finest vintage Japanese green tea leaves have seasoned the casks, providing a subtly spicy and flavourful whisky with a fruity and floral finish.


Japanese green tea... oloroso sherry... and whisky...? We were intrigued!

On the Nose

A really pleasant nose, with fresh apples, melon and berries. Sweetness of honey over the top. Almost as if you were having a fresh fruit and honey breakfast!


On the palate

Marmalade verging into being slightly bitter orange peel, with some baking spices in the background.


With water?

Adding water is recommended! It woke the whole nose and taste up, and brought out the notes in the whisky very well. Not much is needed, just a couple of drops to get things going.



Interestingly, I didn't personally pick up any of the green tea influence, but then again, I'm not a green tea drinker. I did find some interesting fresh notes in the nose, which I could potentially attribute to the tea influence, but it wasn't something which hit me in the face. Maybe that's the point?


Would I buy again?

I would. Everyone in Dram Clan HQ enjoyed this whisky, and it was one which, as a bit of a 'strange' bottling, actually delivered with recognisable tastes of other far more established single malt whiskies. Definitely one for the 'this isn't Scotch' shelf in your single malt collection!


Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try Mackmyra Grönt Te for yourself? You can pick up a bottle HERE.

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