Legent Bourbon


Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the creation of Jim Beam's master distiller Fred Now, and House of Suntory chief blender Shinji Fukuyo.


The whisky is a bourbon, aged initially in charred virgin white oak, and finished in California red wine and sherry casks, before being blended.


On the Nose

An interesting nose, with strong notes of leather and sawdust. Roasted chestnuts and some barrel bitterness.


On the palate

Cinnamon and oak char. May sound weird, but 'grape skin'... that's what the taste reminded me... the weird almost drying taste of grape skin. Sweet treacle made an entrance once your palate became more accustomed to the oak.

With water?

Adding a couple drops of water softened the edge of the whiskey, but also added a slight fresh cherry note to the taste.



Overall, a really interesting bourbon. Not my usual alcoholic spirit of choice (I'm a single malt kinda guy), but as a venture into a very well balanced bourbon, we couldn't find fault with the Legent.


Would I buy again?

Personally, no. Not because we didn't like it (we did), but because I'd rather spend my pennies on Single Malts. It was nice to try, none the less, and if you are a bourbon fan, you won't be disappointed.


Want to try it for yourself?

Why not try Legent Bourbon for yourself? You can pick up a bottle HERE.

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