Armorik Double Maturation

Armorik Double Maturation


Produced at the Warenghem Distillery in Brittany, France, this single malt french whisky is aged in casks made from oak grown in Brittany (known as Brenton oak casks), before being finished in Sherry oak casks (hence the 'double maturation')!

A coastal location for this distillery is said to influence their liquid.


On the Nose

Predominant green apples, very faint citrus undertones, honey and some vanilla. A very 'sharp' nose for me, felt quite strong on ethanol.

On the palate

Very spicy, almost acidic feeling on the tongue, come floral and citrus notes, but to be honest, mostly overpowered by the strange and sharp spice. I struggled to find much sweetness, and if any, it was light honey and vanilla. But it was a struggle to find.


Sorry to say I didn't enjoy this one. It was too dry on the mouthfeel for me, with woody spice and not much more happening. From an initially appealing nose, the more I tasted of this, the less I liked it.

Sorry, Armorik!


Want to try it for yourself?

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