Aberlour 12 Years Old


The Aberlour 12 Year Old is a favourite of mine. This single malt is matured in both traditional americal oak bourboun, and ex sherry casks. It is currently bottled at 40% abv.


Not only is this whisky a solid favourite, it's reasonably priced at around £40 (or below, in the UK at least, if you can find an offer in a supermarket etc). This has become one of my regular 'sippers', a whisky that's easy to enjoy, nothing overly complex or demanding about the flavours, just a good all round tasting malt.


On the Nose

The first thing I get when I first smell Aberlour 12, is a fresh cut apple. Very fresh. Sometimes I can detect the smell of plums if I'm really thinking about it, but otherwise fresh fruits and maybe raisins is the predominant notes for me.


On the Palate

Smooth, not oily (it actually comes across as a little watery to me). Subtle flavours of clove spice and some fresh fruit, although not as prominant as it was in the nose. It tastes a lot spicier than it did to smell.


I want to say I picked up some slightly overcooked cake (you know the little bits of cake at the edges of a baking tin when you've made a sponge cake)... No? Just me? 😂


Medium finish, the spice persists (mostly cloves) for sometime, but again, not in an unpresant way. I'm often left with a hint of wine (potentially from the sherry influence). I find the finish enjoyable, which is why I'm often found with Aberlour 12 as my "anytime" sipper whisky.


With water?

It's already a low ABV at 40% - however, if we add a splash of water, it does mellow the taste even further. The fresh apple I was getting on the nose really comes through, with a lingering sweetness on the top of your tounge.



This is an absolutely amazing, easy to drink, not complex or fussy malt! I think its subtleness in what it can deliver is almost its best selling point! It's the whisky I go to when I just can't decide what to have, and I'm never dissapointed in it as a choice.


Personally, I think Aberlour is an under-rated distillery. I've yet to find an Aberlour I haven't really enjoyed!


The true mark of what I think about this whisky is the fact between the wife and I, we've finished a whole bottle and started a second since the lockdown in the UK began... 😉


Want to try Aberlour 12 for yourself? You can buy a bottle HERE.

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